Please refer to this page to access a selection of reliable external resources on cybersecurity. The provided links cover various aspects of the field, offering tools and practical guides.

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Pensez cybersécurité

“Pensez cybersécurité” is a national public awareness campaign designed to educate Canadians about online security and inform them about the steps to take to protect themselves online.



Fraud and cybercrime can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime and should not be taken lightly. We invite you to refer to this website to better understand how to report cybercrime.


CCTT Network

The CCTT Network (Colleges’ Centre for Technology Transfer) aims to catalyze the growth of businesses in Quebec by connecting them with high-quality innovation and  research centers.


Bill 25

The Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec reminds businesses and public organizations of the entry into force of certain provisions of the Act on Legislative Provisions.


Shocking Cybersecurity Statistics

Mastercard conducted the survey to determine whether small businesses understand their cybersecurity posture. Data breaches in businesses pose a threat.

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Canada’s Digital Resilience

Social media is filled with discussions about the importance of protecting the personal information of our fellow citizens. What is the state of cybersecurity?

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